Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Inconvenient Dream...

Yeah, I pirated that title.  Sue me.

First, let me reassure you that this isn't going to be another long winded rant trying to convince everyone of the reality of Global Warming.

Second, let me remind you all that I have tendency to get caught up in my issues so I really can't swear by the accuracy of the first statement.

For many years now I have dreamt of retiring in the Caribbean, or Central America (or even a few places in South America).  Bottom line, someplace warm with a beach culture that doesn't involve a certain mouse or old Republicans.  Yes, that means Florida is pretty much out of the picture.  But something has me starting to rethink that dream.

Al Gore.

Yes, that's right; global warming has me worried about my plans for the future.

I used to blissfully imagine my self spending my golden years sipping cocktails as I watch the sun set over the ocean.  And by "golden years" I mean my late 40's on forward.  I'm not waiting until I'm sixty five and can't pull off a bikini anymore.  God bless any woman who can, but I'm predicting I won't be one of them.  There will have been too many sunset cocktails by then.

But that is a dream of the past.  Now, when I close my eyes and let my thoughts wander towards my future I see myself clinging to the top of a palm tree as I watch my island paradise slowly disappear beneath the rising tide of global warming. Of course I still look fabulous in my bikini, but that is small conciliation.

Do I worry too much?

Before you answer, how can you be sure...?

I've seen the movie, read reports and seen the art exhibit.  They all say I should pretty much abandon my dream. On the other side of the argument we have those that just deny it's happening and say the dear lord will take care of it.

Of course nature does have a way of taking care of itself, but does it have a way of taking care of us? Or is this the way it will be taking care of us?

Either way, my dream is sunk.  Even if the waters don't rise for another 40 years, I'll be worried about it for the next 35.  Is that anyway to enjoy retirement?

So, now I'm thinking maybe it's time to start dreaming about the mountains of Costa Rica.

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