Sunday, September 27, 2009

This is not a posting, it just looks like one.

It stared as a pleasant Sunday evening; bottle of wine, sampling of cheese, new color nail polish and a movie planned for later on pay-per-view. (That's right, I live on the edge.) It's been a recurring theme lately so I shouldn't be so stunned, but I am.

What was this event that so bluntly marred my otherwise idyllic evening? I saw an ad on TV that suggested "the Simpsons" is twenty years old. I'll say it again: Simpsons, 20.

I don't know why this one hit me, it just did. My (2nd) niece started college this year and I am old enough to be her mother. That didn't phase me. People born the year I turned twenty-one can ow buy cigarettes. I barely noticed that one. I was of draft age for the first Gulf War. Does anyone even remember that one? No, I mean the first Gulf war that the USA was involved in and we had all those flashy titles for it in the news. I'm not talking about all the times other nations tried to conquer, invade, establish peace or take the oil of the middle east. I mean when we went in in '89. But that would make this an actual blog if I talk about that.

So, why has the fact that "the Simpsons" are turning twenty finally driven me to bother all of you that are reading this? I have no idea.

Maybe it's because I actually know that those lovely characters are actually 22. That's right, twenty-two. You may not remember, and if you don't then you are too young and you should just stop reading now, but Homer and Bart first appeared in 1987 as a short on "the Tracy Ullman Show".

In college we used to gather weekly to watch "the Simpsons" in Christine Casey's apartment. It was an event. I don't think everyone actually watched, there was usually beer and wine coolers, and a lot of people were interested in Christine. She was a hot blonde, who can blame them? Again, I digress. It was a moment in time, a chapter, an era. It's over now.

So that's it. Tracey is gone. So is Christine. I'm now Marge's age and the world is a different place. What would have happened if Bart and Lisa grew up? In truth, I don't care. I was just wondering.

That's it. I just had a moment. Again, Simpsons 22, not 20, and that doesn't count the years it's creator spent alone in his room drawing comics instead of getting out and dating girls.

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